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Philly Newgrounds Meetup

Posted by IvanAlmighty - January 29th, 2018


First week of March on Saturday, there'll be an evening of fun down in Philly with things kicking off at 6pm with some bowling at the Revolutions Bowling Alley! This event is open to community members and any artists that would like to be apart of it!

Revolutions is this huge warehouse that's been converted into a 26 lane bowling alley with a bar, restaurant, and a few games as well. The rates for bowling are $7.95 per game and or about $7/person for a full hour with up to 6 people at a lane, and shoe rentals are $3.95. You can find more info on their site with a 360 walkaround of the place, Revolutions Site.

Following that, the night leads over to the Barcade down the street, only a five minute walk from the alley! Barcade features a variety of retro arcade cabinets and a fully stocked bar with food available as well. The bar is 21+ but for those under the drinking age, the bowling alley remains open til 2AM which matches the closing time of the bar. Albeit not retro, the bowling alley hosts a nice selection games as well!

Since our theater screening that PhantomArcade hosted in October, we've thought more about semi regular meet ups and events that can draw in a decent crowd that fills the night with a fun, memorable atmosphere. This is sure to be another wonderful time much like that one, and I hope to see some familiar and new faces showing up. You can expect myself and some of the locals to be there!

We'll also be selling exclusive store merch at the event, so if you're interested in picking something up let us know ahead through PM's and we can arrange to bring your purchased items there!

List of merchandise : https://phantomarcade.newgrounds.com/news/post/1004509

Even if you haven't been to a meet up before or don't know many people in the community, join us on this terrific night and introduce yourself! So if you're thinking about heading out here, then share it in the forums and drum up the hype!

Directions from Revolutions to Barcade




Hell yeah!
To anyone thinking "maybe" or "I dunno..." it'll be a real fun time. Anyone you meet here is a like-minded instant friend :)

ivan im gonna fucking murder you at bowling

Newgrounds Meetups are some of the funnest time's you can have, Ambler was a great time.

I actually might be able to go to this :D

If drunken bowling/video games doesn't become a semi regular NG traditional, I don't know what will.

I haven't done anything Newgrounds related for a long time...maybe I'll stop by

Love the poster!

I will mark this on my calendar :)

"The bar is for 21+"
Dang it... but I think I can still come for bowling! And whoo! Semi-regular meet ups!

I am so interested!

if someone buys me a beer ill go

Colour me intrigued

Oooo! It sounds like fun! Hopefully I'd be able to go. I live only one state over :0


come to brazil

Would love to go, but too short of notice for a trek from Nova Scotia.

This is amazing! I'm so glad this is happening!

Im ready to destroy those arcade cabinets and get schooled in bowling! Lol

ill B there

Lol, will see, I maybe stationed in Philly but got work and courses until closer to 8pm on Fridays.

It's on Saturday March 3rd, but if work still keeps you til 8 then stop by if you're able!

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