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Absolutely gorgeous, the environments are insanely detailed and dynamically animated around the characters! I'm especially stunned by the water effects both above ground with light bending/reflection and splashes, into the subsurface effects of sunlight. This is all really well composed and a stunning display of art!!

Really fuckin creative, and your colors/effects look beautiful!

I dunno where you’re taking this but I hope to god there’s more animations of this guy, his delightful expressions, and juicy palette

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Really satisying! Nice learning curve and play style, the complexity/difficulty could be pushed a bit more in a couple more inventive ways but otherwise it's very nice! A timer would be cool too, I found it really fun to try land the timing on jumps in a single run and anticipate upcoming saws

Holy shit that was actually really fun, I love all the twists in the gameplay. It seems like there's no sense of it but the strategy is very clever, also the music cues to everything are amazing and I wish there was a full track available.

possible music visualizer?

Emrox responds:

could be! though it's probably not worth it cause of the whole swf thing

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Man this is so good!!! I've been searching for a sound for something recently and I haven't hit a super strong vibe with anything I heard but this song has a really nice mix of scratches and funk that feel so right on!! Amazing work man, I love this track

Blarrgensnorf responds:

Thank you so much! I was going for a nice funky/video game feel!

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AWWW YEAH, god I totally forgot about Wasp!! His whole arc from Cybertron to earth made me really sad, I cant remember if there was ever a satisfying comeuppance

Great art piece; the silhouettes are absolutely solid, just as a single flat color it reads perfectly from top to bottom with all the features like the wings, mandibles, limbs, and antennae completely readable!
The sharp edges really complement the personality, and I'm also really loving how dynamic the curve+size of his thorax are, especially for a standing position. I think it's tough to really merge humanoid and insectoid types but you really hit the mark with the proportions and shapes here. Nice work!

astonishing colors and effects, you've got a great artistic gift and im utterly blown away by your technique

The colors are really spectacular and you did an AMAZING job painting her hair, it goes so well with the brush!

lukisart responds:


I live in a shack, I poop in an outhouse, I eat what I kill.

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