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Hoooooooooooly shit that animation is jam packed with energy and wild expressions, outstanding job!

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hellwink responds:

thank you sir!

Holy fuck that was marvelous!! Really dramatic look and narrative with a nice touch of commentary on Facebook and the knee-jerk/recoil cycle of its critics. Overall I'm astounded by the visual presentation and your super super dynamic/animated acting in the live action segments, never would've guessed you'd be packed with so much energy and expression! Topped with the drawn bits, it makes for a really cool format of entertainment that I haven't seen done before! Kudos on the amazing work, I love everything about this and I really hope to see more of this format!

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Lol this is fucking bizarre and cool

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Holy shit that was actually really fun, I love all the twists in the gameplay. It seems like there's no sense of it but the strategy is very clever, also the music cues to everything are amazing and I wish there was a full track available.

possible music visualizer?

Emrox responds:

could be! though it's probably not worth it cause of the whole swf thing

Great mood! Nice simple reflex based gameplay too!

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Emptygoddess responds:


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Sick ass track, even though the lyrics are pretty whack, hope you're stickin' around anyhow. Good shit!

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4cat responds:


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I was gonna clown you when i saw the mario thumbnail but the drawing had really cool perspective and form, so you are spared.

This looks really great! I love how you tapered the lines from thick to thin based on where the camera is and maintained solid form on his body parts! If I had to nitpick I'd say the left forearm could be a bit more concealed beneath the upper-arm, but otherwise this is really good!

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mogy64 responds:

thanks! ive been trying to get more out of line weight instead of just making bold lines wherever i wanted. i can definitely see that now with the left arm, i dont know how i didnt notice. the arms were a struggle regardless due to the pudgy and weird his proportions are lol

cant ever draw mario again without running the risk of getting goofed on.......

Man that looks great! Very nice use of minimal detail and the colors are really pleasing, never realized how well those palettes work with flats

gatekid3 responds:

Yeah, it went alot better than expected

cool design!

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Oops I did it again.

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