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Wow this is actually fucking great dude, the dialouge, sound design and voices killed me and I love the visual style. You knocked it out of the park, this raised my expectations of what people can make for animation jams honestly, amazing work to all of you!!

You know the high renaissance correct? One of the most defining pieces of art from that era is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. For centuries this painting has encapsulated the awe and wonder of humans and for many more centuries it will do so. The piece is timeless, nothing seems like it could ever come close to the universal recognition that it has. Until a man named Cam uploaded his movie “woah sharks” to Newgrounds.com. The music, the elegance of the sharks bouncing up and done as the play their hearts out with their trumpets, it is perfection in an mp4 format. People from all over the world gather to watch woah sharks everyday, even more so than the Mona Lisa. The instant fame over night shows that Cam is one of the world’s most ingenious artists of not just our time, but of all time. There will never be anything ever again that could possibly rival the sheer brilliance that is “woah sharks”.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

i couldnt have said it better myself


RealRedbookClock responds:

Right click, "Play". Happy clockday!

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Damn, I hit a roadblock after staying over at Hank's, but this is fucking hilarious

This totally reads like something Cam wrote in the best way, I love Hanks dialogue best and his gamer moment part made me howl laughter, this is all so f*cking good. The character art looks dope also, I know you mention updating assets but there's some lovely charm in seeing Deimos in the convenience store backdrop gettin you some snacks. I feel like this is the best possible dating sim the Madness series will ever see!

ninjamuffin99 responds:

woops busted dumb game programmer on this is dumb

but thanku very much ivanalmighty i hope u had fun with these good boys

Really satisying! Nice learning curve and play style, the complexity/difficulty could be pushed a bit more in a couple more inventive ways but otherwise it's very nice! A timer would be cool too, I found it really fun to try land the timing on jumps in a single run and anticipate upcoming saws

Holy shit that was actually really fun, I love all the twists in the gameplay. It seems like there's no sense of it but the strategy is very clever, also the music cues to everything are amazing and I wish there was a full track available.

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Man this is so good!!! I've been searching for a sound for something recently and I haven't hit a super strong vibe with anything I heard but this song has a really nice mix of scratches and funk that feel so right on!! Amazing work man, I love this track

Blarrgensnorf responds:

Thank you so much! I was going for a nice funky/video game feel!

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Looks awesome! I'm stuck trying to figure out how you did that swirly effect goin all around the planet. I wonder if people could see the lil explorer up dere while playin n____n

Sirmi responds:

thanks ivan! The rings are fibers generated in ps, distorted in clip studio, and manually masked onto the ring (T▽T)

This looks fantastic, I love how your coloring/brush work has improved over the years and I always enjoy each new piece you make; especially the anthro ones! Happy Birthday Mogy!

I IMMEDIATELY thought of your renders when they revealed that truck lol, nice work!

devilsgarage responds:

I spent the next 10 hours getting this done right after that news was out!
Thanks you:D

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