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Sushi Pack could've been great

Posted by IvanAlmighty - September 20th, 2017

God where do I start, I guess just explaining my love for all the elements a show like this had to offer in concept( not delivery). This was a fuckin show, about Superheroes that were Sushi, I LOOOOOOOVE me some superheroes and I LOOOOOOVE me some cool character designs.

I remember it aired on Saturdays on this network called DiC(hurhurhur) really early in the morning, so I kept missing it but I still saw the little promo commercials and I started building this idea of what it could be, or at least what they were selling it as. A team of seafood superheroes with cool powers that fought crime with, it looked AMAZINGLY awesome, and it's all I thought about as weekends came around. Before even seeing an episode I was hyped and would try getting up early enough to catch an episode, though I kept on missing it for several weekends until FINALLY I was up on time for it to air.

After watching an episode I felt my dreams and expectations totally shatter before my eyes, it turned out to be a really kid friendly show that taught young kids to be nice towards one another and the value of respect/honesty. Absolutely no fighting, no violence, no menacing villians, and NO ACTION. It was such a let down that I tried actively lying to myself that I liked it, but deep down it was nothing but a missed opportunity and I couldn't keep the ruse up for long.

I can't believe you come up with an idea like that and use it to teach lessons on morals, WTF are you thinking? How can you be so blind as to not see the opportunity at hand to make an iconic anime Inspired Action/Comedy cartoon with an IP like this?? It's like the golden egg laying goose that you decide to pluck and roast instead of getting the full mileage out of it. In my head I see SOO much potential in this, cause I think it's a really cool idea(PROBABLY the only person in the world) and instead it was executed as something it wasn't meant to be. Like sending a lion to go live a vegan lifestyle amongts zebras, it's just not right man. 

If there's anything I'd like a reboot of it's THIS show, put under the direction of people that understand the potential behind an idea like this. I could see this being like Teen Titans, 2003 TMNT cartoon or something IUNNO.

I know how ridiculous this all sounds, for such an obscure show that no one cares about or sees anything special in it, but a decade later I'm still just a disppointed kid that woke up on a saturday morning to his dreams shattered and 2 11-minute segments. I wonder if DiC still exists or know they care own this property( FAT CHANCE) but in some alternate earth that is on the good timeline, there exists the good incarnation of Sushi Pack.



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I remember the orange guy from somewhere, and the logo looks familiar but other than that I know nothing about it

EXACTLY! Came and went like dust in the wind, forgotten memory instead of memorable pop culture icon

I actually vaguely remember seeing advertising for this show... For some reason I thought it was on DisneyXD.

Holy shit I remember this

I just sat through the first episode and am now too a sad boy. Definitely missed potential but you did an awesome job of capturing what could have been.

Brother can you feel my pain..

That's cool.
What's even weirder is that, as a kid, I made a stupid comic called "The Elementals" .. which was kind of the same idea. Minus the sushi thing.. and mine had violence! Hell yeaaa.

Thanks for letting me know about this.

Looks stupid as Hell; RIP in piss.

Never heard of the show before, but just the title seems to radiate exponential promise. Picture further builds upon that intrigue. Getting curious about how it turned out hmm...

Hey just wanna let you know that Metal Gear Awesome 3 is fucking awful; Egoraptor's voice acting quality (Or really, lackthereof) proves how he doesn't give a shit anymore, and is ultimately a lazy hack looking for a free ride without contributing anything substantial to society as a whole. The jokes sucked, and it was too damn short, the latter-most of which might ultimately have been a good thing; no one in their right mind would want to watch 5 minutes of that garbage.

In summation: The cartoon is awful and you should feel bad. Eat a dick.

Nigga I just made the codec

Then do the world a favor and pass the message along to those that made the rest; they have no news posts on which I can comment.