NEW CARTOON & an update

2017-05-23 15:00:14 by IvanAlmighty

LOL fuck that cartoon dude

Man the first bit of it was OK but the 4th shot dragged on WAY too long, maybe you wouldnt notice if the movement was livelier/timed better and there's other shit like the transitions in the second part being paced so poorly. 

I swear to god, when I first started this the idea made crack up so much but it wasn't just cause it was a dumb joke or nothin, there was some inside joke about it that made it funny specifically to me but it's been so long that it's lost on me, now not even I can laugh about, and I think that's what I despise about it. Really only finished it for closure but there's a missing bit about it that keeps it from being whole. 

AH WELL, "finished not perfect" y'know

Funny thing about this whole thing is, it took maybe like a month or so but that's one month spread out over 8 months. WHY?? Commission work was just keeping me busy among other things so I think that's to blame for my bitteness towards it. In the downtime though I would try different palettes for Casper(not sure if I intended to use any) and it kept my hope for it alive. Even thought about cramming it in for a fitting April Fools joke but then it'd only be relevent a day out of the year.


I don't know if it was meant to be a parody, a satire, a comedy or what anymore, it just simply exists, and that kinda bothers me. I put time and effort into making this thing that means nothing to me at all. I couldve been practicing art/animation, doing life drawings and anatomy studies but this was just a creation for the sake of creating, not a creation born of love or passion like some people make. But maybe thats why I made it, maybe it represents the chaos and utter meaningless of life and the universe itself, and expressionless creation, void of purpose. 

I think this may be the last cartoon I try doing for the web unless there's something I really feel passion to create or doing a small collab with friends. I had a nice chat a few days ago about internet animation and it really helped reming me of what my goals are, to hopefully suvive in the animation industry. So while stuff like this is nice, my time would be better spent on improving my skills and trying to stand out in the "dog eat dog" animation world, cuz I got a LOOOOOT of work to do before I'd be even considered for a professional job, artistic skills and work wise. 

There'll be other projects to look out for in the future if you're looking forward to anything new, and as far as the commission work goes, I'll probably only post about the things I don't think look like total trash.

But lemme hear about what YOU are up to

Alright later



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2017-05-23 15:25:06

I imagine you could walk into plenty of animation studios right now and they would snatch you up in an instant. I would love to see what the Passion of the Ivan project would be though.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Aw thanks Tom, maybe someday! But yeah I do want to find that passion project and pursue it to the fullest no doubt, so we'll see.


2017-05-23 23:37:32

I wouldn't concern myself with how well the joke hit, I mean all you have to do is check out people's old cartoons and ask how well they think it was executed/ what they think of it now and they'll tell you they think it's stupid, or the joke itself was so simple (like a dumb pun) that it really didn't matter how it was executed in the first place. I totally get what you mean when it was funny to you esp. in a certain moment in fact that composes the majority of my comedy in the first place which is why I don't think I'm all that funny to begin with. Hopefully I can learn to communicate those ideas better and learn alongside ya. As for the cartoon itself, you clearly put in tons of effort even for something simple haha. Usually these things have like 4 simple poses but you put in plenty of inbetweens and everything. I don't think that you'll have trouble developing your abilities and like you said, with every cartoon you'll improve more and more. I'm not sure what you have planned for long term projects but I know you'll be successful with them and you'll have no problem transitioning into the industry if that's what you choose to do.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Can't remember if I even put all that effort in BECAUSE it was so stupid, towards the end of it I just needed closure on the whole thing and finish it. But that backfired and now it seems like a bad idea someone cared too much about y'know? Maybe the reason stupid things work is because people acknowledge how stupid it is and don't waste so much time with it. I always viewed it as a really dumb thing but maybe I didn't make it clear enough in the whole endeavor. I appreciate all you've said, and let's hope here on out I spend my time on more meaningful stuff or improvement, cheers!


2017-05-24 04:23:51

I actually think you could fix it, relatively painlessly. If you end the video right as the car hits him, I think it's a lot funnier. the joke will make sense without explicitly showing him as Casper the ghost, right? i also thought casper crying over his dead body was funny, but not well paced with the rest of it. you would have to sacrifice some good animation, but i think it'd be worth it!

IvanAlmighty responds:

You're absolutely right, there's unnecessary parts that take away a lot from the stupid joke, it really would've sold itself from just that point and gotten the thing across. "He dies and becomes a ghost" is pretty much the whole script on a notepad, there's a lot of unnecessary fluff that kills that punchline. I took a simple throwaway idea and forgot to remind myself of that simple fact, i'll take that stuff out in a Youtube cut and salvage it. Thanks for the advice Joe!


2017-05-24 07:53:58

Whatever the case may be with this cartoon I'm glad you went through and put it up. I think cartoons like that should exist in a content creator's entourage to show the human side of an artist's journey through their career path. That you can't always be inspired and super passionate about something you've sought out to do and that there comes a time of uncertainty but you went all out with it and kept yourself busy. I think it's pretty easy to tell that your animation skills and style development have rapidly improved though and I completely agree with what Tom said about most animation studios picking you up immediately. So with that, onwards and upwards my friend! Go geddim tiger!!

IvanAlmighty responds:

Yeah, this was definitely completed more for closure than it was the thought of it being funny, I can take a look back later on and think of it as a nice technical experiment. At least I can say I finished this! Thanks again for encouraging me during the whole thing, it ain't perfect but I finished it!


2017-05-24 07:55:32

also I voted 5 :3

IvanAlmighty responds:



2017-05-24 18:37:37

You know what, I'm kind of in that same boat as far as cartoons go for me. The current cartoon project I'm doing while I did like the idea initially and laughed at it, a lot of it became really cringey to me. That's just how a lot of my jokes go I guess, I think something's hilarious or a great idea for a bit but then I look back at it and think "Ech, this is kinda gay" But hey it's gonna be better than any of the other piles of shit I've released in the past by a long shot and it's probably the most ambitious project of mine at the moment with it clocking in around 3 and a half minutes, maybe more. There are a couple of jokes I ended up taking out because I thought "Fuck this is gay and unfunny" and when I tell people about those jokes they say "Alex why'd you remove that?" so I'm guessing maybe I'm just a bitch I dunno. I'm mostly completing the project out of closure more than passion like with your cartoon, though I'm trying to squeeze as much as I can out of it, like trying to do more challenging camera angles and poses, or just trying to make everything more extreme. I noticed you kinda did that in your cartoon, most people probably would have done a lot less than you did animation-wise for that joke but you went really all-out for something so simple and I admire the hell out of that. Maybe I should start doing that, do really simple ideas but make them really over the top, everything I start is always this big thing to me now, which ends up being on the same level as a promise: fun to say you'll do, hell to deliver on. But Fluaw has a point in his comment, everyone just kinda gets that attitude I guess. But yeah I'd feel like a faggot for talking about myself more, good luck with your future projects man, lookin forward to seeing what you'll do.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Yeah dude, so long as you use it to try new things and push yourself then it ain't all for nothing. More likely than not you may be one of the few people that dislikes it, being "your own worst critic". But yeah it may not be a bad idea to go all out on simple things, a lot of people get so hung over about it being perfect that it stays in production hell eternally and never gets finished. Personal and complex stories/ideas are still good though, just don't be one of the"I can't get started cause it's just not good enough, I'm not good enough yet, I keep reworking the story 100 times" people. Good luck with your stuff too dude!


2017-05-24 19:01:01

I love you like wtf


2017-05-28 11:50:01

This shit looks like Ness lol, I love it!


2017-06-06 11:57:56

your more than ready to start sliding into the industry. Your work is top notch muh dude.