Entry #1

Too Many Games NG Panel Recording

2015-07-03 19:56:33 by IvanAlmighty

So I attended Too Many Games this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. Nuff said. I mostly walked around the con and looked at the cool merch but I met a lot of cool people like Tristious, Rikert, Deth, emily-youcis, Flikkernicht, cryburger, Oney, Spinalpalm, and TomFulp. Tom, Deathink, Oney and Ricepirate hosted the Newgrounds panel, which was great. The overall experience was great, it's nice to have the community get together for occasions.


JohnnyUtah mentioned on twitter that things got wild at the Sleepycabin panel: 5080124_143596651852_Untitled.png

Tom however took things to another level:



Sideways for some reason






And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oowg1C23GQ0&feature=youtu.be


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2015-07-03 22:03:55

I got an interview with the Johnny Bravo guy for my video but the furry angrily refused when I asked

IvanAlmighty responds:

Damn, that was my first and (hopefully last experience with someone in a fur-suit), I really hope it'll be out soon


2015-07-03 22:57:44

I had a great time meeting you too dude! :) That was a fun convention!

IvanAlmighty responds:

Same! Wish I could of been there Sunday for the AAA panel


2015-07-04 05:05:32

It was super fun. Maybe Tom will ask me back next year.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Absolutely, I never got around to talking to you


2015-07-04 10:19:13

That vid was a great watch! Looks like it was a lot of fun out there!

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thank you! It would have been great if you had attended!


2015-07-05 15:31:50

wait, what the hell is this???!!!

is this like an exhibition or a comicon but for newgrounds???

if thats the case then i didnt know that NG has its own exhibition, just wow i really want to go there :/


2015-07-06 10:06:08

Thanks for coming to the panel and especially for filming it! Had a fun time, also wish I could have made it Sunday for the AAA panel.

@killingspeerx Too Many Games is a games convention in the Philly area. It's not a dedicated NG event but we had a great NG turnout!