Free Animation files!

2018-01-16 20:50:28 by IvanAlmighty

Let's run an experiment, how many people are interested in poking around someone's sloppily crafted animation files?

The files are for my latest cartoon about old Simpsons... butterfinger commercials... 

I was gonna write up about why I did that cartoon but I think most folks got the absurdity of the drive behind it, which is the only laugh to be had (by me HAH). Turned out okay but don't expect me to be doing more of these kinds of cartoons, I've gotten my fill of classic animated commercials. Another cool one I really dig is the series of ads that Richard Williams did, this batman one is one of my favorites

This year is off to a good start and I've got cool freelance projects coming up that I'll be sure to talk about on here as they roll out, very happy with how things have been flowing work wise and I couldn't be more grateful for all the opportunities I feel undeserving of. How are all of you doing so far? Last year's journey and prospects for 2018, share it!


Just put "0" in the price box and you can have it for free!


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2018-01-17 11:49:48

Haha, you're too kind man. I threw a couple cents your way, but mega respect for being so generous!

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thanks dude, I appreciate it!


2018-01-17 14:55:56

Thanks, I'll definitely be poking around these once I get the time


2018-01-17 14:57:35

Woah, this is amazingly generous Ivan! I'm definitely going to enjoy poking around and learning stuff with it, threw some pennies your way as well.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thank you so much Jesse!


2018-01-18 18:58:40

Don't mind if I do, it looks incredibly clean and I definitely want to get into the layers behind the effects.


2018-01-26 02:28:27

I poked around through the files. Seeing your organization and techniques actually jump started my creativity again. Flash has been sitting dormant for years, but thanks to you, I'm getting my drive back.

IvanAlmighty responds:

That's awesome to hear! Hope to see some cool stuff from ya


2018-01-29 23:08:56

Let the learning commence...